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Terry Albarella


Passionate about technology and applying it to business problems. Introvert who loves mentoring and seeing people blossom. Ultra-competitive drive to achieve business results with a high performing, agile team.

Who am I?

After an amazing career at Prudential and helping to launch Clicks & Rivets, I'm looking forward to using all I have learned about technology, people, and process to contribute to the continued success at Relativity.

I have led multiple technical organizations, from operations to infrastructure to architecture. Each gave me a different perspective on how technology can enable business success. While managing teams ranging in size from 5 to 120, I celebrated each team member's individual growth and successes, which in turn led to highly functioning, results focused delivery. I have witnessed the innovation and teamwork that an engaged workforce produces.   

A lifelong student and avid reader, I love learning new ideas and ways to apply familiar solutions to completely new problems. Technology never fails to give me new areas to explore. As family and friends will attest, I enjoy sharing what I've learned and translating it into nontechnical language so everyone can benefit.

I am fortunate to have my strong family behind me.  My daughter Katie is living her herpetology dream at the Oklahoma City Zoo and son Danny is balancing academics and goaltending.  I have awesome dogs & cats to provide endless cuddles, love and amusement. What could be better?

Want a different perspective? Check out The Glass Hammer Voices of Experience for an interesting (I hope) profile. 


Areas of Expertise

Strategic Technology Leadership
Business Reengineering
Process Optimization
Emerging Technologies
Team Development
Operational Excellence
Technology Initiatives
Infrastructure Development
Integrated Systems



Executive Technology Leader: Global IT Strategy and Execution, Data and Architecture

Terry has a rare combination of technical capability and presence that allow her to break down difficult concepts into easily understood business terms. Additionally her people skills are highly developed, and a model for leadership in an organization. As a manager, Terry can both help you deliver and focus on the human impact of the work undertaken. It was a pleasure to work with Terry.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Terry Albarella on a number of diversity and inclusion initiatives, events, and communications during the 19 years of my tenure at Prudential. Terry is a tireless, creative, and courageous leader within the effort to ensure inclusion for people across the spectrum of diversity...I know Terry to be a thoughtful, diligent professional who will be an extraordinary asset to any organization fortunate enough to employ her.


Award-Winning Leader in Workplace Mental Health, Health & Wellness Exec, Speaker, Author, Advisor, Family Therapist


Independent Consultant

I stole Terry from another organization after having the pleasure of working with her on a major project. Terry showed innovative thinking and extraordinary technical knowledge. Terry was not only impressive with handling a multitude of projects but always completed these projects with competency and professionalism. Despite being extremely busy, Terry always found the time to volunteer for those in need.


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