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Customer-focused Technology Executive successful in accelerating product/service delivery and business growth by cultivating and leading high-performance technology teams. A high-level strategist and a big picture thinker who delivers real business value by aligning innovative strategy, emerging technologies, resources, and execution with business objectives. A natural team leader, mentor, and motivator at the nexus of business and technology – well-positioned to deliver innovative, business-focused technology solutions. Special expertise in Infrastructure Optimization and Enterprise Architecture with a unique ability to demonstrate the value of technology to individuals at all levels of an organization. Noted for:

  • Improving Infrastructure on a Global Scale: A record of achievement in Global Technology Management effectively leading Data center and operations consolidation in the US and Japan, and implementing global architecture, standards, and governance as VP of Enterprise Architecture for Prudential Financial.

  • Leveraging the Power of Technology: Introduced first Alexa skill in Retirement industry, led AI and machine learning workgroups to determine business applications, and championed developer-led, open-source implementations with automated controls.

  • Lowering Labor Costs through Creative Organizational Development: Significantly improved employee skills while enhancing the company’s business continuity stance and lowering labor costs $450K by offshoring the Server Web Team and moving related work from the US and India to Pramerica in Ireland.

  • Building and Leading High-Performance Teams: Built and led high-caliber, cross-cultural, and cross-functional organizations by consistently providing growth and development opportunities for Prudential professionals. Recruited and trained a local team that facilitated an expansion of centralized operational support to Japan. Developed and implemented a professional development program for internal IT architects. Optimized Web operations reliability by building the firm’s first Web Operations Team.

  • Partnering with Business to Improve Communications: Partnered with HR and Senior Management of Prudential to aggressively promote inclusion and diversity. Successfully implemented Alexa voice project across the enterprise by working in close collaboration with contributors from Business, Law, Audit, Risk, and Compliance as well as the technology areas including Architecture, Development, UX, QA, and Operations.

Prudential Financial

Vice President, Enterprise Architecture, Newark, NJ

Tasked with leading IT governance, creating an Open Source Office and managing Enterprise Architecture Review Board (EARB). Institute new standards, structure and accountability for global technology review and investment processes company-wide.

  • Technology Planning: Ensured that the selection of new, emerging technologies (programs, systems, applications) aligned with company’s overall technology direction and generated process efficiencies.

  • Strategic Technical Direction: Spearheaded ongoing efforts to frequently engage other business heads and technical teams to build momentum and interest in viable, long-term business and technology solutions.

  • Operating Infrastructure: Conceptualized and developed new operational model for infrastructure and application organization that led to a more cost effective, efficient and flexible operation.

  • Integrally involved in strengthening the architecture function (GEAR council) and discovering sustainable strategies for communication, planning and governing technology initiatives.

  • Talent Development: Actualized the vision and increased buy-in for T2AP Technologist to Architects Program, a talent growth/development initiatives to expand skillset and capabilities of prospective architects.

  • Process Improvement: Added structure, standardization, and efficiency to EARB processes through Sharepoint environment. Consolidated data and best practices along with ServiceNow workflow enhancements.

  • Technology Innovation: Channelled entire planning process from strategic relationships with Amazon and convening multidisciplinary team to evaluating operational impact of new, voice-enabled technology, Alexa.

  • Proactive Leadership: Sustained role as president, PRIDE Business Resource Group since 2011—actively engaged with senior executives to raise awareness on LGBTQ issues and create inclusive work environment. Initiated awareness programs including Why Marriage Matters and PruAlly.

Vice President, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Selected for rotational assignment to introduce new technology/automation solutions in support of diversity initiatives. Concurrently held administrative role overseeing $1.5 M budget and sponsorship activation.

  • Process Improvement: Uncovered numerous opportunities to increase consistency around training requests and sponsorship activation process—reinforced better organizational structure and administrative processes.

  • Technology Innovation: Designed and implemented a Business Resource Group (BRG) Portal that enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness across all business resource groups.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy: Contributed significant efforts to company’s talent management and diversity and inclusion initiatives; represented company at community, employee engagement and outreach events.

Vice President, IT Infrastructure

Held various leadership roles in technology operations—evolved from central server support to global operational management for e-commerce, server infrastructure, applications, IT compliance and administration

  • Technology Planning & Direction: Exhibited precise, proactive leadership during tenure and consistently drove process improvement, internal efficiency, and organizational enhancement initiatives.

  • Operating Infrastructure: Established key operating model and standards for infrastructure and application activities; optimized resources (people, process and technology) to better allocate support for higher-level tasks.

  • Operational Enhancement: Identified automation opportunities to replace manual monitoring processes—significantly improved time management and productivity by 15 hours and strengthened alerting capabilities.

  • Technology Integration: Developed firm’s first web operations team from concept to implementation, including IP traffic management processes; achieved 99% website uptime with <5% error rate.

  • Cost Savings: Conceptualized offshore, low-cost staffing solution for Server Web team and organized transition plan to transfer significant workload from US and India-based location to Pramerica in Ireland. New strategy saved $450K in costs, enhanced skills and improved business continuity.

  • Business Innovation: Championed widespread efforts to implement LEAN operating practices and methodologies and repeatedly engaged team to increase focus on innovation and operating excellence.

  • Global Technology Operations: Expanded centralized operational support to Japan and recruited and trained local team to oversee all activities.

  • Talent Development: Strategized with HR teams and senior management to advocate inclusion opportunities, expand candidate pool and drive talent development across diverse groups.

Education and Certifications

MBA, Management Information Systems

St. Peter’s University, Jersey City, NJ

BSE, Secondary Education / Mathematics, Computer Science

Seton Hall University, West Orange, NJ

Certifications: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - ITIL – Lean IT

Leadership Awards: Prudential Leadership Award - Re:Gender Trailblazer Award

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